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A small trip to Heaven!

Nature is the best gift we have.
Unfortunately, we don’t really get enough time and opportunities to enjoy, to connect with nature, to feel the love of mother earth.


Jannat was a collaboration with Altitudes Expeditions. We have had the BEST and the most exciting trek ever!


They say Himalaya is heaven on Earth. Then, why not just visit heaven this summer? 

A 9 Days trek to Dodital, Himalayas.

In 9 days, we made memories and friends for a lifetime.
With only 50 people, this trek was not only give you an opportunity to connect with nature but also with your loved ones. 

This trek will be the best way to improve your fitness and will be the perfect getaway from your daily life. 

Why have any regrets, let’s create and enjoy each and every dream... You don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to do it or not. If you want to do it, we will make sure you do it. We will take care of your fitness and stamina which will be required for the trek (with prior one-month fitness training planned), to be physically fit and healthy. 


There is no age limit, whether your kid is 9 years old or you’re 60 years old, if you have a dream to do at least one trek in your lifetime, we will make sure your dream comes.


30th April to 9th May 2019

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