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December 16, 2018

What is the difference between current education and real education?

What is the alternative to the current education system?

How to fall in love with learning?

How to get intrinsically motivated for Learning?

Why do we need to create our own never-ending university?

How to create a life long curriculum for our education?


Gautam Khetrapal is one of the best speakers we have ever come across. His knowledge, depth, and the amount of clarity he has on this topic is extraordinary. He is very ground to earth and a very enthusiastic person. He has a lot to share, and we believe what he shares is the future of learning and education. 


Gautam Khetrapal came to Surat on December 2018 and shared his thoughts, ideas and principles which transformed the way we see education and learning. What he shares is very detailed and easy to understand concepts which can help us to grow tremendously in our life.


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Watch the Video here

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