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Paathshala Workshop lead by NAVIN JAIN (Study Circle)

Hello there,


School Aur Colleges mein humein yeh zarur sikhate hai that “mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cells”  and how “trigonometry can be used to measure the tides of the ocean”.


Par kaash ek period aur hota jo humein yeh sikha sake that “how to live a valuable and powerful life”.


We Ranchos are glad to say that we did a workshop called

Paathshala” - with Collaboration with CA Navin Jain Director of Study Circle


The workshop started from 9th June 2019 and ended on 14th July 2019.


It was a roller coaster!

We had with us, 11 incredible participants with dreams and curiosity.

All of them got some value out of the workshop and some of them got huge breakthroughs.

One of our participant, Nisha Bachchawat, at the age of 12 Years, she realized her passion towards arts and craft and how she loves to make Rakhi. She realized her potential in the workshop and with support of our team and fellow participants, she did an exhibition and took her passion into the next level.

Another one of our participant, Kalash Shah, at the age of 15, he love reading books, and to take his reading journey to next level, he did a Book Review in front of approximately 30-40 people. And it was a success.

Some of our participants got new insights on their own self, some them got breakthroughs in their business and some of them could see a big change in a relationship with their parents. 

After this workshop, we as a organizer and creator learned more than any participants. And that's what drives us to take more risks and give more to people, because at the end, the satisfaction of being a part of something bigger than ourselves is what keeps us going.

We don't know, what is the future of this workshop yet, but we know that whatever it is, it is going to be badass!

Thank You to everyone who believed in us, encouraged us and the people who doubted us,all of you motivates us to go out there and take risks and be responsible of our own life and our society.

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