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How to make most out of Paathshala Workshop?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

So you’ve signed up.

But hey, you may still have plenty of questions in your mind as to ‘What should I expect?’ and 'What is going to happen in this workshop!?'

And hopefully loads of excitement meeting new people and learning new stuff.

Guess what, we feel you!

And yeah, brace yourself, cause if anything, it’s going to be one of a kind, exciting experience for sure!

So, what should you really expect from the workshop?

And how as a participant, do you learn and make the most out of it?

There are few things which support you to get the most out of it:

1. You don't know anything.

Ofcourse you know that it's not true, but having that mindset that you don't know anything, allows you to be open, allows you to learn new things and get into deeper level of your learnings.

Being open-minded to learn new things will support you to get the most out of it.

Think like this, we are showering learnings like a rain, and whether you're here with a spoon, bucket or a freaking swimming pool, it's on you, how much you take is on you.

2. Surrender

Sometimes you will not be able to see what coach sees in you, at that point of time, you have to surrender, to have a faith that we are here for you and whatever we are saying is to transform you into a better person, we have no hidden agenda none the less.

Surrender is not a sign of weakness but a sign of power and trust.

Do whatever is getting told, not because we want you to but because you want the most out of it.

3. Don't be like Ranveer

Admit it, we are not here for a fashion show.

Wear the most comfortable clothes you have (but wear)

Comfortable clothes will help you focus only on the session and nothing else.

4. Share

As the saying goes that, "teaching is the best way to learn".

The more you'll share with your parents, friends and to your partners, the more you will understand the concepts and more you will get clearer on the topic.

So, Share. It's free.

5. Time is Money

"Time is Money and Money don't grow on tree" - All Indian Dads

No, but seriously, you have invested your time and money in this, then make the most out of it.

Come before the time and leave after. Ask as many questions as you have and object as many time as you think when something is not gelling up with your thinking, but don't take it casual.

We are here to give and you are here to take.

Obey instructions.

Give your 100%.

Participate fully.

Ask Questions.

Don't miss a single session.

Let's Make the most out of it.

- If you have any doubt / concern / question regarding the workshop, reach out to the team and they will definitely support you.

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