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Life Lessons You’ll Learn In The Mountains

Trekking in the mountains may look fun, but it is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of determination and willpower to complete a hike and reach the destination and, sometimes, the descent is an even more challenging journey that one has to face.

1. You don't need a lot of material things in life

Unlimited Internet, a gazillion battery packs, the latest cellphone or laptop models — you realize that you don’t really need any of those to exist. As long as you have air, food, water and shelter, you are going to be okay. A pack of great friends and family are also a big plus, but if you were only allowed the basic necessities, you find out that you can fit everything that you need in the pack on your back.

2. Worrying does nothing

Will the trail be difficult? Will your water supply last you until the next source? Will you be able to follow your itinerary up to the last second? We constantly worry about the details too much when there’s really nothing much we can do to control it. Besides, we find out that about 85 per cent of the things we worry about never really happen. Would it not have been better if we spent it on more productive things instead?

3. There is no need to rush

In this fast-paced world, stopping by to smell the roses is already an impossible feat. But, really, why should we be rushing? Life isn’t a race nor is the journey to the campsite or the peak. After all, life is meant to be experienced and not just lived. In the same way, the actual journey up a mountain is something that should be savored and cherished. Reaching the top is really just the icing on the cake.

4. The world is a beautiful place

Far too often, we find ourselves not being able to see nature for its grandeur. We become too preoccupied with our work, gadgets and even with ourselves that we forget to see the beauty right in front of us. With no distractions, hiking among nature lets you see and appreciate just how beautiful the world really is.

5. Friends and Family makes the journey worthwhile

It’s true what they say about a man not being an island. Sometimes, there are just things that you could not do by yourself and, as hard as it might be on you, you will have to accept the fact that you will need the help of others, too. It is not to say that you are weak; you have just accepted that you also have limitations. Friends and family fill this gap with their unconditional love and support.

6. You can't take control of everything

Everyone loves to plan every single detail of their life — and get extremely disappointed when one or two of these things do not go their way. However, life is hard to control. Hikers know they have no control over everything. They try to prepare themselves for the worst but don’t really have a clue what awaits them in an hour or two.

Whether in life or in the mountains, it is most important that you get a clear view of at least two steps ahead and behind you.
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