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Life Learnings from Dr. A. Velumani!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Highlights of the Session Romance with Risk by Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani

Stamina is the New Currency

On Rich v/s Poor :

Jo Kabhi Neeche Hi Nahi Baitha, Woh Upar Kaise Aayega? (How will, those who have never experienced low points, will rise above?)

Intestines Mein Food Nahi Mila, Toh Sab Kuch Mila

(The feeling of hunger/poverty will propel you to new heights in life)

A rich man’s life is about credit cards. A poor man’s life is about rations cards.

On Education :

English is a language, not knowledge.

I am a Businessman, an entrepreneur, fortunately, I did not know the spelling of Entrepreneur.

Which school you studied in or which degree you got is not as important as your attitude towards studies.

If you do what you’ve studied, you will survive. If you do what you’ve not studied, you will be the leader.

In Life :

If you’re in a Comfort zone, you’re in a Danger zone

In life, you can either discuss or decide - you can't do both.

Two innings in life, Pleasure and Pain (each 35 Years). Decide which one to use when.

Jo Jeeta Hain Woh Shayad Haar Sakta Hain, Jo Jeetata Hain Woho Kabhi Harta Nahi Hain. (The who wins can lose, but the one who make other wins, can never lose.)

In Life, you have only 2 options:

Do Easy things

Do Right things

On Business Perspectives :

If you see the competition, you don’t see the opportunity. If you see the opportunity, competition won't matter.

Focus only on your core strengths.

Learn to say No.

Jo Kaam Khud Karte Hain, Woh Aakhir Mein Buddhe (old) Hote Hain. Jo Kaam Karate Hain, Woh Bade Hote Hain. (Those who work themselves eventually just grow old. Those who make others work for them eventually grow big)

Be Frugal :

If you do anything that you enjoy, it's frugality. If you do anything to show to the society, its stupidity.

To become a billionaire, you have to consume less.

Simplicity is the Luxury.

On Lifestyle :

You only become what you deserve - a King or a Beggar.

Circumstances (your parent’s support, inherited wealth etc) can only delay the inevitable.

Focus, Learn, Grow & Enjoy - DCO (Don’t change the order)

If you preach discipline, nobody follows. If you follow discipline, everybody will follow.

Branded Items - If your own brand is less, you have to borrow another brand’s identity to elevate yourself.

True Heaven - Clutter-free brain, Fear-free mind, EMI free life.

On Parenting :

All children by default are creators. If they become consumers, its because of the pampering from their parents and relatives.

Teach your child to accept NO early in life. It will make them into powerful people.

You’re successful, only because you have seen the problems, so let your child face problems.

Parents make special roads for children thinking that they should have a comfortable life. Rather, prepare them to run on any road and their life will be more comfortable than you can imagine.


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