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We all have a pretty busy and monotonous life.
But sometimes we need to take a pause, for ourselves. 


To learn,

to get inspired,

to get motivated,

to open up our beliefs,

to explore new ideas, 

to question our purpose of life, 

to be touched, 

to be awakened, 

to listen to someone such that we start listening to our heart



to make that one SHIFT.

SHIFT from

Head to Heart 
Selfishness to Selflessness 
Surviving to Possibility 
Just Existing to Living 
Insensitive to Compassionate 
Lifeless to Alive 
Resigned to Excited!


We Ranchos created this project SHIFT.

On 15th June 2019, Saturday, in Mumbai IIT, there was a program called SEE Talks. 

It was a program for a day with 14 extraordinary real-life stories, which changed our whole mindset and belief for society and yourself.


We provided people with Surat to Surat service, where we took care of everything, from transportation to food.

Going in a group of 72 learners together, we had a completely different experience listening to those stories and having before and after conversations on it.

Listening to stories like you never heard before, meeting those people and interacting with them for the whole day.

It was a memorable day!

We seized that day with their stories.

We cried,

we learned,

we got goosebumps,

we got inspired,

our paradigms broke,

our mindset got changed,

we got that SHIFT in us.

That one day trip took our life to a new level.

A tribe of 72 extraordinary souls, living an empowered and purpose-driven life is what we achieved.

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